We are a likeminded team who want to improve the way in which and the amount of people who travel. We specialise in group tours from across all continents of the globe. We book your travel, accommodation, and even include meals and activities. With each route there will often be days with optional activities available at your own cost - just let us know if you're interested.

If you're looking to book or have any queries you will find a contact form at the bottom of each route page. Once contacting us we will be able to let you know the dates available for your desired route.

As we work with third parties, there are a further routes options available upon request - our website is designed to simply promote those most popular.

Our goal is to make travelling the world simple and more affordable, so the people of the world can see it in its entirety.

Image by Grant Ritchie
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The Beach by Alex Garland was the first book that got me into travelling. It was also the first book that got me into books. Ever since visualising his rich depictions of a Thai tropical beach-scape; I dreamed of going. So, I did. At eighteen, I’d finished school and booked a two-month trip exploring South East Asia. I arrived in Bangkok, trekked the jungles of Chiang Mai, rode the Mekong river, slept amongst the limestone islands of Ha Long Bay and marvelled at the architectural brilliance of Angor Wat. From there, I was hooked.


I've since travelled the eastern coast of Australia, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. So far, I’m grateful I’ve had the opportunity to see these wonderful corners of the Earth, and yet there’s so much more I plan on seeing.

My goal is to create a sustainable way for more people to experience the positive, enlightening aspects of travel - whilst concurrently benefitting the places and communities they're exploring.