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A close encounter with gentle giants on a gorilla safari in Uganda is an extraordinary experience that will always stay with you – and it's just one of the many wildlife sightings this unforgettable experience has to offer. Roam the verdant plains, rainforests, papyrus-fringed lakes and acacia woodlands of Kenya and Uganda’s game parks, from Queen Elizabeth National Park to the Masai Mara Reserve. Spot lions, rhinos, chimps, antelopes, hippos, leopards and more in their natural habitats. The staggeringly beautiful African landscape will provide memories that last a lifetime.


Nairobi, Kenya


Breakfasts (15)

Lunches (12)

Dinners (13)


Nairobi, Kenya


Overland vehicle, 4x4 Safari Vehicle, Mokoro


16 Days


Cabin (3)

Camping without facilities (1)

Camping with facilities (17)


Max. Group Size of 22


10 Included Activities


  • With permits included in the price of the trip, take a trek through Uganda's steamy forests to seek out rare mountain gorillas and spend an unforgettable hour in their presence.

  • Head out on an early evening game drive in Lake Nakuru National Park, which is particularly famous for its rhino population.

  • Spend a few days at your own pace in Jinja, which can be either a relaxing riverside retreat or an adrenaline-pumping adventure capital depending on what you feel like.

  • Build the adventure that’s perfect for you with a mixture of included activities and optional ones – like a chimpanzee trek in Kalinzu Forest.

  • Meet the Maasai people known for their vibrant red dress and elaborate jewellery and gain an insight into the culture and ancient ways of this proud East African community.

Nairobi (Day 1)

Jambo! Welcome to Kenya. Your experience begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm, but if you arrive early, why not head out and soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Nairobi. There are plenty of good bars and restaurants, and markets and shops for essentials as well as arts and crafts from the region. After the welcome meeting, perhaps join your new travel companions for an optional group dinner. Accommodation: - Hotel Optional Activities: - City Experience Urban Adventure - USD55 - From Farm to Feast In Focus Urban Adventure - USD86 - Giraffes & Elephants Urban Adventure - USD70 Special Information: It’s very important that you attend the welcome meeting as we will be collecting insurance details and next of kin information at this time. If you are going to be late please let your travel agent or hotel reception know. Ask reception or look for a note in the lobby for more information on where the meeting will take place.

Unfortunately, petty crime has become common in Nairobi and recently arrived visitors to the capital can often make for tempting targets. Your trip leader will verse you in a few worthwhile precautions at the welcome meeting. Some top tips are to get local advice on where to walk, keep valuables in a neck wallet or money belt or leave them secure in your hotel, and to not leave belongings unattended on chairs or the floor. Stay aware even when inside, as thieves and pickpockets have been known to operate indoors as well. There's no need to be paranoid but appearing vigilant is a great deterrent to would-be thieves.

Lake Nakuru National Park (Day 2)

Take in spectacular views of the Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha and Elementaita on the drive north-west to Lake Nakuru National Park, situated in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. The drive will take approximately 3–4 hours and you’ll arrive in time for a short evening game drive along the shore of the lake. Lake Nakuru National Park is a small and compact area based around a lake that makes a great location for spotting wildlife. Along with the other members of the Big Five, Lake Nakuru harbours many rhinos and will be the best chance to get a great picture of these magnificent beasts. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) Included Activities: - Overland Vehicle Game Drive Meals Included: - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Special Information: Your camp tonight is located inside the park and has flush toilets and showers. Accommodation upgrades and wi-fi are not available.

Eldoret (Day 3)

Rise early this morning for tea or coffee before going back into the park for a morning game drive. Return to camp for brunch before driving north-west to Eldoret, one of Kenya's fastest growing towns (approximately 5-6 hours.). Due to its high altitude, the town is an ideal training ground for middle- and long-distance athletes and is home to some of Kenya's most famous runners. Tonight, enjoy a traditional dinner at your campsite located just outside of Eldoret town. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) Included Activities: - Morning Overland Vehicle Game Drive Meals Included: - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner Special Information: Your camp has flush toilets, showers and wi-fi. Upgrades are also available (subject to availability).

Kampala (Day 4)

Today you will leave Kenya behind and cross the border into landlocked Uganda, travelling on to its capital city, Kampala (approximately 10 hours, though it could take longer depending on border crossings). With a population of over 30 million, Uganda is a country of great cultural diversity and is one of the five countries that make up the East African Community. As today is a long travel day, take a break from setting up camp with a stay at a hotel. Shake off the long journey with the option to eat in Kampala town and experience this dynamic city. Accommodation: - Hotel (with shared facilities) Meals Included: - Breakfast - Lunch Special Information: If you wish to eat in town tonight you Leader can organise a free transfer to and from Kampala city.

Kalinzu Forest (Day 5)

Travel to Kalinzu Forest National Park (approximately 9 hours). Some of its inhabitants include chimpanzees, black and white colobuses, baboons, red-tailed monkeys, both blue and red duikers, bushbucks, waterbucks, giant forest hogs, buffalo and elephants. On arrival, settle into your camp and perhaps stretch your legs and explore your surrounds with the rest of the group. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) (1 night) Meals Included: - Breakfast - Dinner

Queen Elizabeth National Park (Day 6)

Take the optional excursion of visiting the chimpanzees of Kalinzu Forest this morning or enjoy the sounds of the forest from the comfort of your tent. More closely related to humans than any other living creature, the chimpanzees are a delight to watch as they squabble and play in fruiting trees. Later, take the short drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Once camp is set up there's an option to take a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel, well-known for pelicans, eagles and other wonderful birdlife, as well as a healthy population of hippos. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) Optional Activities: Kalinzu Forest - Chimp trek - USD70 Queen Elizabeth National Park - Kazinga Channel boat cruise - USD30 Meals Included: - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Kisoro (Day 7)

Today, drive out of the Queen Elizabeth National Park on your way to the southwest tip of Uganda (approximately 7-hour drive). On this short game drive, cross your fingers and look out for elephants, buffalo, Ugandan kobs and waterbucks. When you arrive at the corner of Uganda, where the border touches Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, you’ll be based in Kisoro, which provides access to seven different gorilla groups located in Mgahinga, Nkuringo, Rushaga and Nshongi. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) Included Activities: - Overland Vehicle Game Drive Meals Included: - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Gorilla Trek in Bwindi National Park (Day 8-9)

Joined by a local guide and trackers, climb through the rugged mountain terrain of Bwindi National Park to encounter rare gorillas. No more than eight people per day can visit any one habituated family and visits are strictly controlled to minimise disturbance or the chances of transmission of disease to the animals. Tracking gorillas in the dense forest can sometimes be wet, muddy and uncomfortable. The terrain is by no means easy either, so it can be quite strenuous and often humid, but the sheer thrill in coming across a habituated group of gorillas, dominated by a great male silverback, more than outweighs any difficulty. You need to be prepared and fit enough to walk up to four hours – up and down hills. You can usually get very close to the mountain gorillas, who are placid and gentle, and watching their movements is like seeing a mirror image of yourself. Be mesmerised as you watch them eat, sleep, groom and play – the giant silverback surveying the scene as the smaller ones laze in the trees or play like children. Your visit with the gorillas will last one unforgettable hour. When you are waiting for, or have completed, your gorilla visit, your leader will provide you with options and ideas on how you can spend your free day in the area around Kisoro. You can head out on more rainforest hikes to see monkeys, take some nature walks, or if your legs are up for it, join a challenging hike up Mt Sabinyo – one of five volcanoes located in the Parc National des Volcans – or perhaps take a day excursion over the border to Rwanda to visit the genocide memorial, art museum and Nyamirambo women’s center. However, please ensure you have a Rwanda or East Africa visa. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) (Day 1) - Camping (with facilities) (Day 2) Included Activities: - Mountain Gorilla Permit & Trek (Day 1) Optional Activities: - Virunga Hike - USD50 (Day 2) - Trek With Golden Monkeys Permit & Guide (from price) - USD90 (Day 2) - Sabinyo Trek / Mgahinga hiking - USD90 (Day 2) - Lake & Famstead Bicycle Tour - USD50 (Day 2) - Rwanda Day Excursion - From - USD45 (Day 2) Meals Included: - Breakfast (Day 1) - Lunch (Day 1) - Dinner (Day 1) - Breakfast (Day 2) - Lunch (Day 2) - Dinner (Day 2) Special Information: Optional activities require additional transport costs of approximately USD 100 that can be shared between 5–8 travellers.

The Golden Monkeys Trek is offered as a pre-booked service which will guarantee you a place. If you would rather wait and try to get a better price by booking this locally on the ground, you are welcome to, but keep in mind that this is a popular activity and places are limited.

The Rwanda day excursion price is dependent on the number of travellers. The van will be $260 for up to 7 customers and the accompanying local guide at $50 per vehicle. Entrance fees and tipping are additional costs.

Mbarara (Day 10)

Farewell the lands of the gorilla and turn back towards the capital, Kampala. You’ll break up the journey at the pit-stop town of Mbarara for the night (approximately 5–6 hours driving). We’ll be honest – there’s not a great deal to do here, however it’s a great opportunity to spend the afternoon and evening relaxing at the camp, or even to have a leisurely look around the town. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) Meals Included: - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner

Jinja (Day 11-12)

Today you'll continue your journey inland, travelling towards Jinja (approximately 7 hrs). The Jinja region is one of the highlights of any visit to Uganda, a riverside retreat at the source of the Nile but also the adventure capital of Uganda. Tonight, camp at a scenic riverside site and enjoy a good night’s rest ready for tomorrow's adventures. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) (Day 1) - Camping (with facilities) (Day 2) Optional Activities: - River Nile whitewater rafting (full day) - USD140 (Day 2) - Nile Boat Cruise - USD40 (Day 2) - Source of River Nile tour - USD45 (Day 2) Meals Included: - Breakfast (Day 1) - Lunch (Day 1) - Dinner (Day 1) - Breakfast (Day 2) - Dinner (Day 2) Special Information: Tonight’s camp has showers, flush toilets, wi-fi and ATM access. Upgrades are possible (subject to availability) so speak to an Intrepid booking agent if you are interested. The Source of the Nile boat cruise requires a minimum of four travellers.

Kericho (Day 13)

Farewell Uganda and begin the journey back to Kenya and Nairobi, stopping overnight at the town of Kericho (approximately 9 hours, including border crossings). Kericho sits at the edge of South-Western Mau National Reserve and is known for its vast tea estates. On arrival, visit a tea plantation and sample a delicious brew or two. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) Included Activities: - Tea Plantation Visit Meals Included: - Breakfast - Dinner

Masai Mara National Reserve (Day 14-15)

This morning, drive to the famous Masai Mara National Park (approximately 7 hours). The Masai Mara is the quintessential African experience, with sparse open plains, dramatic skies and the world's most iconic animals living within its boundaries. Explore this diverse environment and view a multitude of wildlife on an evening 4WD game drive. Venture into the Masai Mara National Reserve for a day-long 4WD game drive. You'll explore this diverse environment and most likely see a multitude of wildlife. An optional balloon ride over the Mara at sunrise is an unforgettable experience. If you have pre-booked this activity you will be picked up before dawn and driven to the launch site for a safety briefing from your pilot. You’ll then glide through the dawn skies, sometimes at tree height, which provides amazing photo opportunities. Sometimes you will ascend, getting an overview of the enormity of the plains and of the early morning movements of the teeming herds. After landing, you'll be treated to a bush breakfast before returning to your campsite. Accommodation: - Camping (with facilities) (Day 1) - Camping (with facilities) (Day 2) Included Activities: - 4x4 Game Drive (Day 1) - Full Day 4x4 Game Drive (Day 2) Optional Activities: - Balloon ride (from price) - USD500 Meals Included: - Breakfast (Day 1) - Lunch (Day 1) - Dinner (Day 1) - Breakfast (Day 2) - Lunch (Day 2) - Dinner (Day 2) Special Information: Your camp has basic facilities, with showers, flush toilets, wi-fi and optional upgrades. Speak to an booking agent or your leader during the trip for more information. The balloon ride is offered as a pre-booked service which will guarantee you a place. If you would rather wait and try to get a better price by booking this locally on the ground, you’re welcome to, but keep in mind that this is a popular activity and places are limited. If you participate in this activity you will miss the morning half of the included game drive. Please speak to an Intrepid booking agent if you are interested in booking a balloon ride.

Nairobi (Day 16)

Return to the bustling metropolis of Nairobi (approximately 5–6 hours). Stop en route in Loita Hills, home of the traditional Maasai people, and visit Tepesua Village. You’ll be welcomed by Maasai Warriors through traditional song and dance. Meet your Maasai hosts and enjoy a fascinating talk, full of insights into this remarkable and ancient culture. Take a walk to the community village which was founded for widows who had lost their cows due to drought and can never remarry. The village offers support, safety and economic growth through the Tepesua Widows Income Project. Here the women are engaged in making handicrafts and sewing eco-friendly handbags and backpacks to sell to visiting travellers and locals. On arrival in Nairobi you'll be dropped at your finishing point hotel, where your trip ends on arrival. Included Activities: Loita Hills - Maasai Village Visit Meals Included: - Breakfast - Lunch Special Information: No accommodation is provided for tonight.

Please don't book any international flights out of Nairobi until after 10 pm this evening.