• DO YOU OFFER STUDENT DISCOUNT? No. Our customer base largely consists of students and therefore we set our pricing slightly lower so that it can be accommodated by student budgets.

  • DO ANY OF YOUR ROUTES INCLUDE ACCOMODATION OR ACTIVITIES? The service that we provide is simply the travel between each location. So in short, no. This typically includes travel from train station to train station, bus station to bus station in the most prominent areas of each city.

  • WHY AREN'T YOU REGISTERED WITH ABTA? To be honest, we're a fairly new business and don't have the funds to sign up to ABTA in our first year. We know this may put some of you off but hopefully if you check out some of the reviews of the trips we've provided in the past it will give you a little bit of confidence in us.

  • HOW DO I KNOW MY MONEY IS SAFE? All payments are processed through Wix's SSL protected processor or via PayPal and allow you to transfer the money yourself once you're comfortable with our terms and conditions. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll notice our buyer protection section that will give you further detail.

  • WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION CAN I EXPECT TO FIND IN YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE? The guide you'll receive will include two A4 pages for each location filled top to bottom with information about what each location is like, the most popular activities to do there, and our favourite places to stay and eat at.


At The Travel Co. we offer two payment options, either PayPal or through Wix's built in payment processor, which is protected by SSL payment services. If after the trip you are dissatisfied with any part of it please let us know and we will do our best to compensate you. We welcome constructive criticism and your reviews so that we know what we have done well and what needs to be done better so that we can improve, and overall create a better customer experience.


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