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Hi I'm Luke. I'm a mildly experienced traveller and even less experienced writer. I mean, I studied it at school but never graded particularly well and didn't really enjoy it. It was something I was told to do rather than making the conscious decision to want to do it. Since I've grown up, I've wrote regularly. Whether to document the trips I've been on, journal my thoughts or simply keep myself sane over lockdown. Writing has become a comfort to me and a newfound passion. However, this has all been very private and never something I shared. Until now. 

I'm twenty-three, and have been fortunate enough to adventure through South-East Asia, Australia and Central America, along with a smattering of holidays here and there. My experiences have varied in landscape, company and perspective depending on the stage of my life I was in. This won't be a stereotypical blog depicting and emphasising only the beautiful things I've seen, but one that is honest and true to my memory. I hope if anyone ever decides to read any of my posts that you enjoy.